Plastics & ground materials

Together with our partners we can offer opportunities for processing and recovering of all common types of plastics and many composites.

We are able treat different types of plastics and compounds either

  • material,
  • energetic/thermal,
  • or pyrolytich

recycle. It should be pointed out that material treatment always has priority. In some cases, compounds or interlaced matrials, however, cannot be processed materially. Then we have the ways of energetic or pyrolytic treatment at hand.

Incoming forms range from foils to start-up lumps and clots, industiral products, rolled goods, composite materials and ground materials or granulates.

Together with our partners, we can offer ways of treatment both in Germany and abroad. In addition, mobile compactors, collection systems, containers and transports.

We gladly work out an individual offer for you. Please contact us.

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