Substitute fuels (EBS und SBS)

For about 20 years we have been delivering alternative fuels to both German and international customers. In doing so we use the calorific values in industrial and municipal wastes unsuitable for material recycling in order to substitute primary fuels and conserve important fossile fuel resources.

With numerous treatment facilities, we have contractually secured contingents. In many cases with perennial terms. As a result we can offer producers reliable and redundant distribution channels. Towards consumers, we offer a maximum of reliability and constant quality.

Amongst our consumers are:

  • coal-fired power plants

  • waste incineration plants

  • substitute fuel-fired plants

  • cement plants

  • lime plants

  • thermal (biomass-fired) power plants

  • industrial incineration plants

We dispose of, inter alia, other liquid fuels (oil, solvents, distillation residues, etc.), muddy fuels (plastic sludges, municipal sludges, drained and dried), mono-fractions (waste wood, rubber, tyres) and solid fuels (fluffs, plastics, animal meal).

We have secured access of contingents in processing plants. Thus, we are able to treat suitable wastes, respecting specifications of the treatment facilities.

In case of questions with regard to your materials, their treatment and options of processing or the necessary transports – please do not hesitate to contact us. We work out individual offers for you.

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