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Old tires and rubber wastes

We are able to substantially and thermally recycle old tires and rubber wastes, mostly together with long-time patners. Our cooperation partner is the company „Korthues Reifen & Recycling“ located at Coesfeld (Germany).

Furthermore, we dispose of trade channels in pyrolysis installation, in cement plants (whole tyres) and different ways of material treatment.

Acceptance criteria of old tyres AVV 160103 and rubber AVV 191204 / 070299

Accepted are:

  • wheelbarrow-, barrow-, bicycle-, scooter- and motorcycle- old tyres
  • car, truck and light commercial old tyres
  • agricultural (trailer / tractor) old tyres
  • earthmover old tyres
  • solid rubber old tyres with and without metal ring or rim
  • silo (trailers) old tyres
  • old tyres with rims (wheels)
  • torn and ruptured old tyres, pieces of old tyres
  • foam-filled tyres (used in wheel loaders as puncture protection)
  • technical rubber, door seals, etc.
  • conveyor belts of all types, rubber mats, clean tubes without films of oil and pieces of rubber 
  • massive metal adhesions (for example chains from play equipment)
  • mono massive conveyor belts from opencast mining.
  • uncured rubber compounds (please seperately and with pictures before delivery)
  • EM- and solid rubber – old tyres in normal amounts and mixe

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