Wooden pellets

Disposing of over 15 years of experience selling wooden pellets we offer both wooden pellets in different qualities and additional services around the topic.

Wooden pellets are cylindrically pressed briquets, which are made of dried and natural wood chips without addition of any chemical or synthetic bynding agents. They are a standardized and approved fuel.

Our qualities:

Loose pellets

  • EnPlus A1 / DinPlus
  • EnPlus A2 / Din 51731
  • B-pellets / industrial pellets
  • pellets derived from renewable material / wooden pellets

Sagged pellets:

  • EnPlus A1
  • DinPlus

In addition to pellets produced in Germany, we offer pellets from the Benelux region and imported pellets. We market pellets directly from the producer, but also from loading points of our distributions partners in different regions of Germany and in the Benelux region. Delivery can take place via truck, train or ship. Furthermore we can offer you 8mm pellets or pellets in BigBags on demand.

Ecocalor dealer-concept:

Trading, sales, logistic and storage

Concepts especially created to meet your requirements. From tradomg to storage including logistics with the goal to rebuild and expand trading activities. We offer a powerful network of pellet producers, dealers and logistics. We gladly present our concept to you.

Wood fuels – biomasses

Firewood and chimney wood

As an optimal addition to our portfolio we offer firewood and chimney wood, too. Depending on your individual requirements, we can offer different qualities.

Wood briquettes

Wood briquettes are an additional product of our porfolio. Besides hardwood briquettes, Ruf-briquettes, pinykay-pinkbriquettes we also offer different qualities in this regard. Delivery as a whole by truck is possible in all over Germany.

Other biomasses

In addition to the offered regular fuels, we also have wood-based and other organic biomasses on offer for thermal usage. These are classical by-products derived from wood processing or other industry sectors such as for example olive stones, palm bit kernels or straw pellets. Please, contact us for futher information.

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