Residues from drinking and process water treatment

Together with Allied Waters, our Dutch cooperation partner, Ecocalor is dedicated to the recovery of residues from drinking and process water treatment. Allied Waters takes over u.a. Tasks in the research and development of new sales opportunities. Likewise, Allied Waters brings years of knowledge and experience to the concerns of drinking water utilities. The goal is always to develop high quality, marketable products and applications for these residues.

These include u.a. Lime pellets and sludges, flocculent ferrous sludges, aluminum containing flocculation sludges, sand, washing and filtration sludges, filter sands, activated carbon, ion exchangers (regenerates and concentrates), lime suspensions and sludges from process water treatment.

We are also happy to offer accompanying services such as analytics, advice on plant design (new construction and replacement projects), optimization of natural (dry bed) and mechanical sludge dewatering, extraction and dredging of ponds, basins and lagoons, drainage with mobile equipment on site, transport and storage services – up to the drying and fine grinding of defined materials.

We also advise you on the use of excipients, aggregates, seed and chemicals. Everything with regard to the later usability of the residues.

There are many reasons to speak with us. We are looking forward to your contact.